Slowdays, a .org domain, is a Finnish-Swedish joint venture in the area of

  1. automation
  2. interaction and
  3. integration.

Current status [Edit]

Slowdays and all its websites are currently administered by Smeagol, Mortis and Enok. The website has features for the sharing and downloading of files, photos, images. The greatest feature of the website is an advanced URL snatcher (ran by the bot Neekeri from our irc channel #kaka), a vanilla polls system, support for adding a web camera account, an online chat applet, a Google maps feature, a shoutbox and a phpBB forum.

History and Background [Edit]

Slowdays has been functioning as semi-closed, low-key community hub for over three years. The .org domain was registered in 2004 based on a swift discussion and ultimately agreement about a suitable domain name to function as a continuation to our IRC channel at #kaka.

It has been hosted on a split server (together with on Finnish server provider WMHost ever since.

Features [Edit]

Quite a few of Slowdays' features and functions, including those based on Neekeri-supported #kaka integration require you to create an account on the site.

The process itself is comparable to registering a phpBB3 account. This ensures your privacy and security (while the board gathers certain data, such as your file uploads for the feature to function, it also ensures that nothing can be traced to you) - and thus our own security. Thank you for your understanding!

This phpBB account is also used for logging in to this wiki, ensuring that everyone can make shijat. Before making an account, please observe the Slowdays User Policy. Due to recent happenings we have had to formulate a policy. This policy may change at all times and may or may not be enforced.

Detailed List of Features [Edit]

Slowdays features
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