volta`aDe [Edit]

[06:19] * volta`[H]aDe[S] (dommenaap@D5E06FD7.kabel.telenet.be) has joined #kaka
[06:19] <volta`[H]aDe[S]> do u guys even know what kaka means
[06:19] <volta`[H]aDe[S]> it means shit in dutch
[06:19] <volta`[H]aDe[S]> lol
[06:19] <volta`[H]aDe[S]> i'm dutch so i know
[06:19] * volta`[H]aDe[S] (dommenaap@D5E06FD7.kabel.telenet.be) has left #kaka

kaka_1986 [Edit]

[18:17] <kaka_1986_bz> i like kaka
[18:17] <@nobile> ah
[18:17] <kaka_1986_bz> i use kaka nick since when i join mirc

mushy & nobile [Edit]

[21:06] <@mushy[ED]> kaka means cookie
[21:06] <@mushy[ED]> ?
[21:06] <12@Rax> in swedish yes
[21:06] <@mushy[ED]> and in spanish X=
[21:06] <nobile> poo
[21:06] <nobile> but instead of k's we use c's
[21:06] <nobile> caca
[21:06] <@mushy[ED]> coca?
[21:06] <nobile> caca is more like crap
[21:07] <nobile> no, coca is either short for cocaina, or coca-cola

Swedes and Estonians like their Kaka [Edit]

[22:43] <@Mortis> Splendid!
[22:43] <@Mortis> Kaka means shit in Estonian too
[22:43] <@Nickster> haha
[22:43] <@Nickster> We swedes are eating shit

niniel knows [Edit]

[22:41] <+Kakaist> du you know what kaka means in german?
[22:41] <@niniel> shit
[22:41] <@niniel> or crap
[22:41] <@niniel> something like that
[22:41] <+Kakaist> yes!!! BINGO!

Tamil [Edit]

[21:11] <NickelWork> "Kaka means 'crow' in Tamil"

...Kakatoa [Edit]

[14:19] <@Mortis> Kakatoa
[14:19] <+[SX]Salemo> lol
[14:20] <+[SX]Salemo> well why I laugf is becuse in Arabic Kaka means something else
[14:21] <@Mortis> :o Oh my
[14:21] <@Mortis> I hope nothing rude

...you guessed it!

[14:38] <+[SX]Salemo> yes its something rude

How most people end up at Kaka [Edit]

[12:51] <@Armand> Btw
[12:51] <@Armand> How'd you find #kaka
[12:52] <Master_Achim> kaka is an other word for shit in Germany and i want to test some commands

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