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Welcome to In Iceland, a travel diary by M, written over a six-day trip through Icelandic sights and culture.


  • 20/08/06: Over two years since "In Iceland"! A new reviews page with more insight into KUKL and two Leaves album reviews (Breathe, The Angela Test) added.
    Also in the process of converting the page over to XHTML. Apologies for any hiccups experienced. Remember to write into my guestbook!
  • 13/08/06: Updated "reviews": The Sugarcubes.
  • 20/08/04: Supports W3 standards, both HTML and CSS, although shakily.
  • 19/08/04: Last draft of text, converted to PHP, several bugfixes, added guestbook, went online at 04:00AM.
  • 18/08/04: Cleaned up graphics, added hyperlinks and CSS.
  • 10-17/08/04: Sitting like a slave next to the computer.
  • 09/08/04: Converting photos for the gallery.
  • 08/08/04: Site first created by typing the diary from a booklet on the computer.

In retrospect

Merely getting the gallery - just one part of the site - fixed up was a miracle: Editing 250 photos individually is a task I wouldn't recommend to anyone. Luckily some of the programs I use do offer automation, but that alone was quite not enough to give the results that would be good enough for my taste. I handpicked and -edited 110 photos that I felt best described the journey.
Hopefully they will give you a distorted picture of Iceland and Reykjavik.

perlan statues
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