The all-mighty, all-seeing, all-dancing Kaka!

Once there were three priests, Kakakak, Kakakek and Kakaka and their high priest Kakak. They were touched by the currents of time roused by Kaka's good will and love towards all mankind!

Kakak directed them to found their technospiritual home at what was once called the land of GamesNET, modern-day GameSurge to spread situational awareness (and vent out their sexual frustrations) and thus they did so and preached to the masses, attaining a great crowd of sisters and brothers!

And lo behold, the holy vibrations of Kaka can finally be felt, for the first time, in the time and space that bonds us together in every single part of the world - every hour! Praised be Leet!


One day Kaka will reveal himself to the world from an IP6 address so true and divine that all around the world will feel the ultimate love radiating from this number!

Kaka sighting [Edit]

Recently there was a Kaka sighting at #kaka but we don't think it was the real one:

[14:05] * kaka (~trenino@host209-19-dynamic.57-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined #kaka
[14:07] <@Dorden> o hai kaka
[14:09] * kaka (~trenino@host209-19-dynamic.57-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has left #kaka
[14:09] <vrap> ohio
[14:09] <vrap> kaka has left kaka
[14:09] <vrap> existential dilemma

Did you know? [Edit]

  1. That in the old age, you were not allowed to preach the love of Kaka freely, and the priests of Kaka would have been prosecuted under the laws of GamesNET unless they acted undercover?!?1
  2. That the land of Kaka has undergone several uprisingings, ruler changes and tumultuous rebellions, all the while Kakaists have led a carefree existence?
  3. Sometimes both Kaka and Kakaism can seem confusing entities. You may want to find out more about Terminalogy used, or have a look at Kakaist testimonials at Kakamonials.
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