Neekeri is a bitbot (Kakabot), on #kaka. The name can also be used in reference to the actual server running the bot. Neekeri also offers extended functionality for the Slowdays network site.

Functionality [Edit]

1. Irc Bot [Edit]

2. Server [Edit]

To suggest new features for Neekeri, please edit Neekdev with your suggestion.

Habitation [Edit]

Neekeri lives under the sofa of Enok, Kiti and Nabla. Its surroundings are hoovered and cleaned once in two weeks.

Administration and system [Edit]

Neekeri is administrated and maintenanced by Enok. The server runs on Ubuntu Server.
The bot is based on Pircbot and some of its functionality is based on PieSpy and ComicBot.

System information:

Gender and sexual orientation [Edit]

There is an ongoing debate on Neekeri's gender: Is he a man, is she a woman, is it an aeroplane?

Personal History [Edit]

In June of 2007 Neekeri's unwavering and ceaseless leeting experienced some major delays of important seconds - even in the magnitude of minutes. To this day the cause of these errors is shrouded in mystery.

At one point (date?) Neekeri was found living in a Boss bag, paving way to other servers machines utilizing bags for habitation.

Did you know? [Edit]

  1. Noise generated by Neekeri is annoying when trying to sleep on the sofa, unless very drunk.
  2. First new family member Nabla accepted was Neekeri.
  3. Armand contributed his old hardware for Neekeri in the aftermath of the Great Upgrade.
  4. There's one guy, who's been hating on Neekeri, and also admitted that publically.
  5. During the first versions of Shoutbox, Neekeri suffered from being used by various medicine ad bots of the evil internetz.

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