Origins: FcE [Edit]

Fanclub Eläimet was a primarily LAN-based Action Quake 2 clan that involved (among other people), Hartza, Eci and RotteR.

FcE laid the foundations simultaneously for proto-KAKA and for Terga.

Stage two: Terga, Destiny and proto-KAKA [Edit]

Very early a seed of modern KAKA could be seen in the actions of members of FcE and later Terga.

Slogan: terga dare - to flee, retreat, run away.

Terga members include Ari, Blahi, Donatello, Eci, Enok, Hartza, Koistinen, Mortis, Mr. X, Ollikka, Petrol, sewer, znood, zobolt.

Members that were directly or indirectly involved in FcE, Terga and/or proto-KAKA:

Armand, Hamm3r...

Destiny [Edit]

Destiny was a Half-Life total conversion that also contributed much to the growth of #kaka. Many international Kakaists came to meet us first by finding out about our project.

Read more about Destiny.

History of Kakaists

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