The holy trifold brotherhood of Dorden, Darkelth and Ripatius.
The trifold started its holy existence in autumn 2005.

Channel Commands [Edit]

Hi and welcome to #sigh! These are the currently available custom commands: !ao, !bananas, !bombinfo, !calc, !daa, !dagoods, !dead, !domo, !fishy, !hehahe, !kill, !laama, !laatua, !lame, !leet1, !leet2, !nimi, !oblivion, !prkl, !purkkilihaa, !shoutbox, !sblite and !xops. Our little game, the Great Adventure can be played using the command !start adventure and !retry (c) Risto Ojanen

Regular Sighers [Edit]

@Dorden (See Keijo)
+Armand (See John and James)
+Darkelth (See John and James)

Fallen sighers [Edit]


Chimper Chomper, Miekkatail Maekkatail, lakki lokki,Wilsu Walsu, Bintu Bantu, [DJ-Crew]cRicK [DJ-Crew]cRacK, Sigma Sugma, Sisumi Sosumi and valokettu vilakettu have also been spotted.

It's also notable, that Mr. j0nt5ki has nowadays started participating the KAKA Lans with the original trifold brotherhood and the old paappa Mortis.
To become a true sigh member, you must do the ultimate digimon test!

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