An assault team arranged by #sigh will attempt to overtake #DJ-Crew at in 1 days. If things go in order the channel will be unregistered and free for re-registration then.

A master-level user has not been seen in: 2 weeks, which means...


server = connect

From GameSurge rules:
If all masters and over in a channel have not been seen in the channel for two weeks, the channel will automatically be unregistered by srvx.

But Zounds! The capturing process has been delayed (Feb 18th 2007) [Edit]

[12:25] * Mortis has joined #DJ-Crew
[12:26] <Mortis> !users
[12:27] <Darkelth> Whaaaat?
[12:27] <Darkelth> NOOOO!
[12:27] <Darkelth> Terrible! I didn't notice it!
[12:27] <Mortis> >:( We will get it sooner or later
[12:30] <Darkelth> Yes >:(
[12:50] <Ripatius> what's happened?
[12:50] <Ripatius> !users
[12:50] <Ripatius> rufus123 AGGGGH
[12:50] <Mortis> x(
[12:51] <Mortis> He gone and done it now
[12:51] <Mortis> He done it real good
[12:51] <Darkelth> :(
[12:51] <Darkelth> I bet it was like few seconds visit
[13:51] <Rax> yes
[13:52] <Rax> [02:45:20] * [DJ-Crew]ch33se ( has joined #DJ-Crew
[13:52] <Rax> [02:45:20] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to [DJ-Crew]ch33se
[13:52] <Rax> [02:45:52] * [DJ-Crew]ch33se ( has left #DJ-Crew
[13:52] <Darkelth> AGH
[13:52] <Darkelth> 32 seconds visit and ruined!
[13:52] <Darkelth> :(
[13:53] <Ripatius> :{

But We Got It! (March 3rd 2007) [Edit]

[09:34] <Junior> How can I help you?
[09:35] <Junior> yo
[09:35] <Junior> you there
[09:35] <DJ-Rankel> I would like to know, that is #DJ-Crew registered? Or have there been any registration forms for it
[09:35] <DJ-Rankel> Yo
[09:35] <Junior> it's not registered
[09:35] <Junior> and I don't think so
[09:36] <DJ-Rankel> Because the old crew seems uninterested to it, we'd like to continue their work as the new crew, so we'd like to register it
[09:36] <Junior> alright
[09:36] <Junior> purpose?
[09:36] <DJ-Rankel> Purpose for registration?
[09:37] <DJ-Rankel> Continue as the new Crew, because the old ones seem uninterested, but we like the channel
[09:37] <Junior> what was it
[09:37] <DJ-Rankel> The channel?
[09:37] <Junior> the main purpose :o
[09:38] <Junior> like
[09:38] <Junior> DJ Crew?
[09:38] <DJ-Rankel> Well, I don't know that excatcly x] I think you should ask DJ-Rax or DJ-Pasta
[09:39] <Junior> lets say
[09:39] <DJ-Rankel> I came there later than them
[09:39] <Junior> DJ Club ?
[09:39] <DJ-Rankel> Well yes
[09:39] <Junior> You now have ownership of #DJ-Crew.
[09:39] <Junior> all set
[09:39] <Junior> If that's all I can help you with today, please /part #support. Have a nice day!
[09:39] <Junior> type !up


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