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Currently counting 51 energy drinks (including Blursht and Splammo), 6 soft drinks and 4 juices!

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Energy Drinks [Edit]

NamePrice / €Size / lHeartsDetails
*Batman Energy Drink1,99€ (KK)0,33♥♥Fails to pack a punch... Pätmänpätmänpätmän
Battery1,95€ (TO)0,33♥♥♥♥It's expensive but great. Though it tastes just a little too sweet, so you can drink just a can at once.
Battery Gingered2,15€0,33♥♥♥Good Battery
Battery Heat2,29€ (KK)0,33♥♥The extra vitamins spoil a taste (chili-cranberry) that isn't very special anyway.
Battery Juiced2,69€ (KK)0,45♥♥♥A rather drinkable, juicy version of Battery. Slight acidity in the aftertaste.
Battery Stripped2,15€0,33♥♥(♥♥♥)Battery Stripped is like "a woman without clothes!"
Burn?0,33♥♥♥½Berryific taste, does not have a normal energy drink aftertaste
Contact0,89€ (KK)0,25♥♥♥First tastes just a little like syrup, with an odd aftertaste. After a while, tastes like a normal energy drink. Cheapness!
Contact XXL1,99€ (KK)0,5♥♥♥?
Coolstar Light2,49 Lt ⊗0,5♥♥½More bubbles compared to Hell and Replay, and some more taste. Not bad at all!
*Croc-Tail1,89€ ⊗0,25♥♥Failed attempt at combining a mixer and an energy drink - does not succeed at being either.
Dynami:t? ⊗0,33♥♥½Not much flavour on this, but that little it has is ordinary energy drink flavour with nice aftertaste.
*Dynami:t Red? ⊗0,33♥♥♥Mysterious, intangible flavour with strong aftertaste
ED2,09€ (TO) ⊗0,50♥♥♥Very, very average
ED (Can)2,10€ (SM) ⊗0,50♥♥♥Same as ED just in a can and with a more expensive price.
ED Lemon Light2,19€ (SM) ⊗0,50♥♥♥A distinct lemon taste, but feels slightly manufactured
ED Redberry2,19€ (SM) ⊗0,50♥♥♥This is better than normal ED, but not worthy of four hearts
Ener-G?0,25Obscure, foul-tasting low quality German energy drink.
Energy? ⊗0,33??
EuphoriaLt ⊗0,25♥♥♥½Fruity, enjoyable long-lasting aftertaste, and tastes less like an energy drink.
*Euroshopper Energy Drink1,00€ ⊗0,50♥♥♥♥Cheapest alternative on the market, has a somewhat distinct own taste somewhat in the vein of R20. Extremely good price point.
Ex? ⊗0,25Worst energy drink ever - this is apparently the taste others attempt to hide
*Free energy drink0.60€ ⊗0,25??
Freeway Energy Drink1€ (LI)0,25♥♥Just average energy drink with poor aftertaste
Hell2,49 Lt ⊗0,25♥♥Mild, almost limp aroma, barely any taste or bubbles. Not bad but no reason to drink.
Jolt Cola1,59€ (KK)0,33♥♥♥Light, pleasurable taste of cola, no aftertaste; Quickly erased from mouth and memory
Juissi Green Energy1,39€ (KK) ⊗0,75♥♥♥Light & airy, no aftertaste
Juissi Red Energy1,19€ (TO) ⊗0,75♥♥Musty, strong cranberryish aftertaste
Mad Croc1,19€/1,70€ (SM)0,25/0,50♥♥♥(♥)Lite Spam, nearly as tasty and very cheap in 0,5l cans
Mad Croc Coffee to Snap1,70€0,25♥♥Very milky-sugary, to the point of being icky.
Mad Croc Sugarfree1,25€(SM)0,25??
*Mixxed Up Energy Drink0.60€⊗0,33♥♥♥½Bottled version - apparently - of the Lidl drink.
*Myst2,29€(KK)0,5♥♥♥Does what it promises - tastes like mocha-style coffee. Saccharine.
*Napój energetyzującyLt0,5♥♥Barely any taste.
Perfect Red Force1,59€ (TM)0,50♥♥The most juice-tasting energy drink on the market. Taste comparable to Mehukatti. No bubbles.
Powerking0,5€/1,00€ (PL) ⊗0,25♥♥♥♥Red Bull without the sourness, cheapskate yourself into the night!
Pure! Energiaa1,79€ (SM) ⊗0,33♥♥Blank manufacture, Pommacy aftertaste
R202,65€ (KK) ⊗1,00♥♥♥Ultra-cheap Mad Croc-ish energy drink. Where it loses in taste it wins in price tag!
Red Bull1,39€ (SM)0,25♥♥♥Red Bull is the industry standard taste reference
Red Bull Sugarfree1,39€ (SM)0,25♥♥Tastes like sugarfree Red Bull
Red Bull Cola0,99€ ⊗0,25♥♥The energy drink flavour overpowers the cola aspect, neither work very well. Jolt Cola is simply better
Red Devil1,50€ (KK)/2,19€ (SM) ⊗0,25/0,5This is just shitty stuff
Red Devil Light1,50€ (KK) ⊗0,25??
*Replay1,79 Lt ⊗0,25♥♥Slightly different taste from other "normal" energy drinks, but not much better
Rockstar1,95€ (KK)0,50♥♥Not the best energy drink on the market; bland and uninviting
Rockstar Juiced1,95€ (KK)0,50♥♥♥The tastiest Rockstar, the juice is good
Rockstar Sugar Free1,95€ (KK)0,50♥½A very poor, tasteless version of the normal Rockstar
Rodeo1,29€/1,05€ (SM)0,25/0,33♥♥½Red Bull light both in taste and in branding
Rodeo (Bottle)1,29€ (SM)0,5♥♥½Red Bull light both in taste and in branding
Shark1€ ⊗0,25♥♥♥♥Fish is your friend. This is ultimate ><((('> drink
Spam1€ (TO)0,25♥♥♥♥♥Tastes like beefed-up Red Bull but is ½ cheaper → perfection
*Selita EnergyLt ⊗0,25♥♥♥½Positively different, sweet and meady with pleasurable taste, doesn't make the impression of an energy drink
*Starter? ⊗0,4?Cough syrup
*Starter Extra Strong⊗0,4?Cough syrup with more caffeine
Tantra Erotic Drink2,29€ (KK) ⊗0,25♥♥♥Tastes like a sweeter Spam with a fruity-spicy aftertaste
Teho1,79€ (TO)/2,14€ (SM) ⊗0,33/0,5♥♥½Tastes positively like cough syrup.
Teho (Bottle)2,29€ (KM) ⊗0,5♥♥½Tastes positively like cough syrup.
Teho Kevytkola1,79€ (TO) ⊗0,33Well this thing just sucks ass
Teho Kevyt Positiivisesti1,79€ (SM) ⊗0,33??
Thunder Energy1,79€ (TO)0,33♥♥Blue hue with Moomin-lemonade flavour; An undesirably strong, punchy taste
*Tiger Energy Drink
*Traffic Energy?0,33♥♥Not much taste, berryish, no after taste at all.
*XLLt ⊗0,33♥♥A manufactured taste with plenty of punch in the energy drink flavour section.

Prices checked last: [Edit]

* = New changes or additions! (Since 05.06.2008)
EM = Euromarket (Ideapark)
KK = Kuljun Kartano 03.06.2008
KM = K-Market (Lempäälä)
LI = Lidl
TO = Tokmanni Ideapark
SM = S-Market (Lempäälä) 03.06.2008
PL = Pyynikin liha (Tampere)

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Soft drinks [Edit]

NamePrice / €Size / lHeartsDetails
Batman Cola1,85€ (KM)0,5??
Dr. Pepper?0,5♥♥Each to his own
Laitilan Lemona Limetti1,15€0,33♥♥½Distinct taste compared to lemon. Not too sugary, which is a plus
Moomin lemonade?0,5♥♥♥♥Really great lemonade with a tough forest strawberry taste. I want 1,5 litre bottles!
Mountain Dew?1,5♥♥♥♥Gr8 stuff
Olvi Salmiakkikola?1,5Worst-lemonade-ever
*Olvi Classic Greippi1,23€0,5♥♥♥Quite good grape lemonade. Though I shall warn you: Don't drink your opened Classic Greippi too slowly, or it loses its taste!

Juice [Edit]

NamePrice / €Size / lHeartsDetails
Mr. Max Apple??Mr. Max maximizes the sucky taste!
Tang??♥♥♥♥Magic powder, it will turn ordinary water into juice!

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Sigh Juice Sequence [Edit]

Marli > Juissi > Tropic > Eldorado > Rainbow > Fun Light > Mehukatti > Olvi Salmiakkikola > VIP > Mr. Max

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