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Alphabetic list of webcomics [Edit]

⊗ A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible
ALILBTDII is a beautifully-drawn, philosophical comic about life. Currently on hiatus.

Better Days
Better Days is a furry comic somewhat like Sabrina Online, but with more focus on soap.

Chopping Block
Chopping Block is a darkly humorous webcomic by Lee Adam Herold, hosted on Keenspot. It chronicles the exploits of Butch Reginald Mann, a hockey mask-wearing serial killer who is equal parts Jason Voorhees, Hannibal Lecter, Norman Bates, and Ziggy. The strip takes a one-panel format with a text caption underneath the picture. Currently on hiatus.

Demian5 - Worldwide Webcomics
The free comic, When I Am King! is a fantastic display of online creativity and probably unlike anything you've seen before (and a bit dirty as well) in webcomics.

⊗ Diesel Sweeties
Diesel Sweeties is all about robots - robots and robot love!

Electric Retard
Electric Retard. Possibly the most offensive comic of all time.

⊗ Gone with the Blastwave
"For the world of Blastwave I stole things from many post-apocalyptic and/or war movies, games, things. But nothing is a straight rip. Think of it as a somekind of a parody to those things. I'm in no way even trying to be original... other than with the jokes."

Kid Radd is an animated pseudo-sprite comic that ran from February 2002 until September 2004.

Order of the Stick
Order of the Stick is a webcomic that makes fun of RPG clich├ęs.

⊗ Patches
Patches is the epitome of cute!

⊗ Perfect Stars
Perfect Stars is... I have no idea! The equivalent of indie music in comics?

⊗ The Perry Bible Fellowship
The Perry Bible Fellowship, probably the best-known "cult" comic online; needs no introduction.

⊗ PHD Comics
Piled Higher and Deeper covers all aspects of graduate student's life (there are not too many of them).

⊗ Pug Davis
Pug Davis - Fighting aliens in space, so we don't have to fight them at home

Sabrina Online
'Sabrina Online is the premier furry comic online and has been up and running since 1996. A good read.

Sexy Losers
Sexy Losers, the classic adult-oriented webcomic, gave us several important things... from the website: "Finally, if you're looking for some good ol'fashioned dirty humour and you are comfortable enough with your sexuality as to not be offended by drawn pictures, COME ON IN!"

Stuff Sucks
Stuff Sucks is a character-based comic, presumably set around Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It revolves around the lives of a few eccentric scenester jerks. Currently on hiatus.

⊗ White Ninja
White Ninja is a ninja! Ninjas are cool. Mixes brutality, philosophy, psychology and a child's eye view.

http://www.nedroid.com/bcpage1.html Two hundred bad comics!






Finnish Language Comics [Edit]

⊗ Sosiaalisesti rajoittuneet
Sosiaalisesti rajoittuneet is probably the most famous Finnish webcomic to date; It details the antics of C and Plus, a programmer duo, and their company.

Kaisa Leka's Sketchblog
Kaisa Leka is a promising young Finnish artist who has been influenced by Art Spiegelman and Marjane Satrapi among others. Her sketchblog is updated daily.

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