This page is an attempt to create a cohesive set of rules for editing Kaka to create a social-historical background for the community.

The Kakadoc contains simplified formatting rules and tips for editing pages.

Style [Edit]

In the first paragraph containing the word or name of the page, the title or topic should be emboldened. Titles of songs, movies, things as well as their functions and explanatory words et cetera are italicized. Also remember to go link happy rather than not.

Example: Neekeri is a kakabot, toiling away underneath Enok and Kiti's sofa.

Page names [Edit]

Capitalized words per real spelling and no letters outside a-z. Numbers are fine.

When you link, you can leave "_" while doing so, i.e. List of Articles of the Day (view page source)

When creating a page, however, remember to add them.

Header formatting [Edit]

If there are nested subjects, they will be one H below their parent.

See also: [Edit]

The See also: -sections of the wiki are formatted in the following way:

==See also:

External links [Edit]

The External links -sections of the wiki are formatted in the following way:

==External links:
*[[URL|Website name]]

Templating [Edit]

Though this is no Wikipedia, we have a few templates to offer for you at Templates for easier use of formatted tables.

Features [Edit]

Please take advantage of these features of Pie:


See also: [Edit]

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