Iceland Diary with Reviews

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Iceland Diary with Reviews

Postby Mortis » Sun Aug 13, 2006 17:50

I'm sure you've all wandered upon my Iceland diary from 2004 before, but due to unforeseen consequences I've actually added something new to it: A short review-ish text on the Sugarcubes, Björk's third band after punking it out in Tappi Tikrass and KUKL.

This was motivated by a very peculiar thing happened to me a few days ago: A person who had accidentally ended up on my site sent me e-mail and asked about an Icelandic band that he was unable to identify. While I haven't really been hip with the Iceland scene for two years now, I was able to help him out and it was all very fun.

The person who contacted me was a DJ from New York and had recently visited Iceland with his friends too. I'm really pleased that my diary was of real use!

As I actually have some other reviews and info bits in line, I will hopefully be posting updates over the next few days/weeks. I'll keep you posted and inform of any updates in this thread.

Edit: I've had to take down the mp3 samples on the site due to Slowdays running out of space.

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