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Article Series Title Woes

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 17:09
by Mortis
Guys, we're going to have ourselves a recurring article series which deals with obscure FPS games that are either simply old and forgotten, get little publicity and are relatively unknown, or got a little hammered in reviewers.

Now the problem is, we're totally struggling to settle on a witty title for this series. Our first instinct was to call it "Fucked Up FPS", but that's simply out of order; obviously, the core idea is not to bash the quality of the games, but simply elevate them a little and show readers that there's more to the market than generic triple A Halo stuff. We want to be have a laugh about it, obviously, but not come across as too rude.

We're trying hard to focus on the positives instead of the negatives anyway. In any case, wee've been racking our brains about this for so long it'd be awesome to get more suggestions to the table. The key words are obviously First, Person and Shooter, but something out of that box works if it works.

Here are a few earlier snorefest-based puns:

  • First Person Stupor
  • First Person Snoozers

I dig the theme but I'm not sure if slumber is what we're going for here.

Some other puns:

  • Cursed Person Shooters
  • First Person Shocker
  • First poisson shooters
  • Quirk person shooters

There's also the possibility for a bounce-off-other-titles variant

  • Naff-Life
  • halved-life
  • hell on earth

Anybody? :D