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Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 14:06
by Armand
Ahoy there!

I bin sailin twixt the arbors o sanity but constantly gettin lost in de fog o insanitee! xd

Ey know, ey know, it sure be soundin like jolly good time. Tho allow me to remind ye lads, tis not sounding even HALF as jolly as it is in actualitee!


At the very moment I'm still rather wet, which is what I've been for the most of the day. During these few days I've learned that in this town, the rain patterns are similar to those of London. At one moment it's sunny and a few wee clouds sailin' across the sky, and BOOM! HEADSHOT! After you blink it begins to rain, and the trees are frantically trying to uproot themselves and scram. And it doesn't always rain only water, either, got a nice hailstorm accompanied with some out-of-the-blue thundering the other day. So anyway, this morning it was raining mad when I had to bike the 4,2km (2,5 miles?) to the school. Then after a few normal (but still wet) lessons (after almost having dried up) we jumped into the pool with crappy clothes on and practiced some emergency survival stuff for a coupla hours. It was fun but I gotta tell you, climbing a rope ladder when your clothes are sucking half the pool's water with them, ain't as easy as it seems in the movies. Wasn't impossibly hard now, but I imagine it will be once we get to the pool that has cold water, wavemakers and a wind machine installed. Oh well, I'll have time to train before that one... We also have a couple of practice sessions scheduled in a special naval facility, they pour oil into an old ship and set it on fire, and then we gotta do stuff inside (ie. get out asaFpFFS*). Can't wait!

*as soon as FUCKING possible FOR FUCK'S SAKE

The education seems surprisingly practical in many other ways, too. During this first half a year we'll learn all sorts of basic heavy duty machine-handling stuff, like welding and changing all the oils of a ship and other basic repairing, and of course running the ship's engines as well. When at sea, and in an emergency, nothing guarantees that the engineers are still alive and kicking, so people gotta know how to run the damn thing, even if just crudely... or at least turn the engines off so the propellers won't chop up all the survivors when they jump overboard. F***! When I Am Ki..aptain I'll carry a gun with me in case of emergency. Not to kill myself painlessly, but to shoot at the propellers! YEAAAH! AIN'T NOTHING LIKE RAW FORCE WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE! YAAARGH! 8|

Another interesting surprise was that after the first half a year we'll be thrown out to sea. On a ship, that is. We'll get to be the lowliest rats \o/ for two months at least. After that point we'll qualify for the first certificate, and those who performed well will mostly be hired to that position from that point on. If they did less well, and have bad luck, they'll get to continue as the lowliest rat, despite the certification. It's not a must to continue after the two first months, but it's highly recommended, as there's time reserved for just that until the next autumn. With luck and hard work one might have some good recommendations, a whole lot of experience (both practical as well as pleasant, seeing distant lands etc!), and also some nice monies by the time the next year starts! Yay for monies.

If one is still interested after the first year, then the true officer training begins. It'll continue according to the normal schedule for the rest of the education, however the summer breaks are a little longer, 4-5 months. It's expected that one works at sea all those periods, so that once new certificates are gained one automatically has the required amount of sea experience as well. And the monies again aren't bad I suppose~ one of the l33t elder students is driving an expensive looking motorbike. B)

Working will always include some training by your experienced peers and higher-ups, so learning will continue even during the summer breaks. All in all the whole thing should last five years, unless one decides to take a year off and stay at sea... to gain EVEN MORE MONIES! HOOORAY! \o/ And working the whole summer means your 'time off' from work will extend to cover some of the time you study, and you'll continue getting paid. It'll be work and time off in 2:1 relation, until one reaches the higher levels, where it's 1:1. Yeah, I'm already gonna book me some motorcycle training lessons for this fall so I'll qualify as soon as I have secured some... MONIES! xd

There are only two big buts in the matter: firstly, I haven't been to the doctor's examination yet, and I'm not sure if my eyesight is enough as it is... though I'm comforted by the fact that the laser surgery prices have gone down greatly, and I can afford getting that thing done right away, if need be. The idea of someone pointing surgical lasers at my retina isn't too fancy, though. They have to cut off the outer lens thingie first, too. :s The other downside is that (ooh, I can hear the older student booming away on his bike, it's at least over 600cc! ;) ) ...that I still don't have a proper apartment of my own. The rents for the normal cribs are assless, partly because of the nuclear power plant project nearby. Also, I'm quite late in getting an apartment. I think I'll get a roommate-crib for now (that is, a normal apartment but one will only have one room of private space, WC and kitchen and a possible living room will be shared), and then after the first half a year I can take my stuff back home and remain at sea without having any considerable expenses going. Once I return I'll probably have some savings to get a proper apartment, or even a loan to buy one. Better have one here in the coast than inland, considering the future!

Dunno why I wrote all this now, as I'll probably come home for this weekend tomorrow. Tried to get to irc, but for some reason these puters in the official puter room can't access the irc server. The puters at our own class could, but I can't be bothered walking up the stairs ^_^; won't be many of you there at this hour anyway. Oh, and I just realised that I've been alone in the room for a while now... ... ... ->

PS. Love you all! xoxo 8)

Re: Yarrg!

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 15:56
by Darkelth
Oh jäs. You went to Raumaa I assume? :) Great thing that you got somewhere, and hope you will enjoy that. ANd motorcycle, yea! Really like, fast.
Kawasaki Ninja. Crash Boom Bang!

Re: Yarrg!

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2007 05:54
by Nimmyelf
well, i wanted to personally make it known if you think about lasering your eyes, armand, i will kill you :), not before i pinch them out of your skull, and and stay safe, love you!eat your vegetables and don't forget to eat well~

Re: Yarrg!

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2007 19:33
by Armand
Kawasaki Ninja?! More like Texas Pirate ^___^; That is to say, I surely will not get a squat-bike, if I need to squat there are plenty of toilets and bushes around~ No, it gotta be classic/custom, which is, the sort where you sit like you'd sit in an armchair.

But yeah, so far so good! I forgot to mention the load of medical skillz we will be learning as well, as these days there's no specialized medical staff on ships, and the deck crew have to be able to sort out stuff like heart attacks, drownings, nuclear radiation burns and childbirths. For real.

And Nimmy, I'm afraid I'll have the laser thing done ASAP in any case ;) My vision simply sucks and that's a disadvantage ill affordable, specially when having to sharpshoot the lame sorta pirates >_> most ships don't have guns, yet, but the problem of piracy is getting out of hand at some places. It's one thing the Russians have managed to do well, too! No pirate approaches their ships these days - the Russians shoot them if they aren't expecting boarders. Sounds harsh but most pirates kill the whole crew if they can board, so... the only exception strangely being muslim terrorists, who usually just hold the ship and crew hostage and demand assless ransom ^_^;

Re: Yarrg!

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 14:52
by Darkelth
See Uma Thurman with her Kawasaki Ninja in Kill Bill!!!!!!
Black Kawasaki Ninja, with some ninja pictures. ULTIMATE! xD
Just my vision though :)
To Ideapark in rain ->

Re: Yarrg!

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 22:32
by Armand
You're right, that is hot, but women are different! They're allowed much more freedom in dressing and behaviour, too. Besides, crouch-bikes are a little effeminate by nature, aren't they? B)

Re: Yarrg!

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 00:17
by Jackeh
they certainly do look better with women on them :p for upright bikes, honda CB or kawasaki ER's are nice ;) or a triumph bonneville :D

all of that theyre gonna do with you sounds like hard work :o but also sounds like lots of fun :/ i wanna do it!

Re: Yarrg!

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 20:04
by nobile
oooo biker chicks and kindgirls :o